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RE6 - Did It For You
I was a little surprised at Pier’s dialogue, saying he did it for the organization and people when all I saw was him doing it for Chris. I didn’t even ship them at that moment…but then again, I guess my feels for them started right at that moment XD. I guess if you’re NivanField’s fan, then who wouldn’t have think of this too, right? XD
FFXV Doujin - Luna Knows

Luna: I knew it.

Noctis: Well, you were the one telling Prompto to befriend with me since elementary school.

i have yet to ship PrompNoct, although i have a feeling i will. I like Lunafreya too but i don’t see much of her interaction with Noctis and i honestly can’t imagine them as couple. to me they’re more like big sis and younger bro, but i could’ve missed something somewhere :P

i drew this after having seen many gamers chose photos of various ladies (be it Cindy, Iris, Gentiana, Aranea) at game’s ending and to me it was...duh. what will Luna think!? lol, and here i am doing this myself...

ROTG Fanart - ROTGMonth : ROTG2
for ROTG Month activity in tumblr. topic is 'ROTG2' 
i tried not to BenneFrosting it too much, lol. just a plain friendship or bromance at most 

Deadpool icon Deadpool icon Deadpool icon 
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY WISHES!!!. I honestly didn’t expect quite a few wishes here since I’m not too active here anymore, even more so as I’m on DMBJ phase. So Thank you!
Clawhauser icon 

My life, in general, is better now. Last year was bad ==; Sometimes, it had gotten very very bad. Since at last year’s end, things have been better. Although the same old problem still persists, other things in my life that has gotten better helps. There are two things I’ve been doing which make things better. I stay away from people with negative energy, even from my friends. Surely, I sound…and as I know myself I’m not a good or kind person enough to feed my energy to negative friends needing consolation or a person to listen to her rant all the time. I got enough of bad energy in my house; I don’t need anymore of it! Another thing I do is saying ‘no’ to things I’m not okay with, rather than bearing with it like I used to. My parents now see me as grumpy and apt to anger and no longer see my toleration or patience. (Dude, if I have none of these, I’d have killed or badly injured a certain someone already). But I’m glad at least this side of me makes me talk more openly to my friends. I’m more ready to cut ties with people or any friends who hurt me just because someone else hurt them. Then I found life is a bit easier with these thoughts in mind ‘v’, in some case, it even improved my relationship with my friends. Also I got a new job of comic and this time I get to do the whole thing (creating story, plot, drawing and putting text), unlike last time where I only get to draw (according to whatever story they gave me). Gonna be so busy but with little income again, lol. But it’s too late for me to back down so I’ll keep going! As to support this, I’m starting a little teeny tiny small business of printing. Hope it goes well enough ><.   

Judy Hopps icon 
Got a chance to go to Taiwan a while back there. I planned to go out to see things much bigger than myself. That way, I could see myself...with my problems as small things.

  • Listening to: feel the light - Jennifer Lopez
  • Reading: Chinese Learning Book
  • Watching: Inception
  • Eating: muffin
  • Drinking: Coffee


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Favourite genre of music: brit-rock, rock, new age, ost
Favourite Anime Parings: Riku/Sora(Game), NezumixShion, KuroKura, 1827 But now I'm obsessed with Jamie/Jack ROTG and Hidashi/BH6



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Happy birthday, BBP! :dummy::love:
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Happy Birthday! ! ! ! 

Be happy on Your Specail Day & Make it a amazing great day of it!!!~~

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Your drawings are so amazing!
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Happy Belated Birthday BonBon Pitch! (I hope you had a good day)
It's been a long time, How is your illistrating job going?
BonBonPich Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
hop you're doing well too ^^; if you meant my previous comic job, i think i lost it, lol.
but it's okay, i just got a new job. comic again :)
AlexandeNight Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh! well I'm sorry to hear about the old one, but I'm glad to hear that you got a new comic job!
Amutogirlz Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016
Happy Birthday! :D The truth is I never forget I found your Bennetfrost fancomic on DA at first. I really enjoy it. I can see you had a hard time in sometimes, but you still keep up it. I admitted you inspire me like BH6/Hidashi when you drew them more on tumblr XD I'm so glad you don't give up on you drawing. I also see your drawing skill improve so much! I hope you have a good birthday today! :)
BonBonPich Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
thank you so much ^_^, Jee-Hye. one of the reason i keep going is because people like you supporting me, too. i will never give up on drawing. hope you are doing well too :D
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